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The UK House Clearance Association is dedicated to protecting the customers interests and the house clearance industries reputation from the adverse impact of rogue house clearance companies.

We ensure our current house clearance members are:

  • 1. Fully covered with liability insurance, so in the event that anything does go wrong, you are fully covered.
  • 2. Fully licensed with the environment agency, to transport the items from the house clearance. Did you know that if fly-tipped waste is traced back to any particular household, that household is liable to a fine of up to £5000?
  • 3. Genuine registered UK companies fully registered with the UK tax office.
  • 4. Fully accountable for whatever reason. We will act as a mediator between yourself and the company in question to resolve any issues or concerns that you may have.


Reputable House Clearance Company In HornseaNorthern House Clearance

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Reputable House Clearance Company In Hornsea

Abacus House Clearance

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