Association Of UK House Clearance Companies

House Clearance Tower Hamlets

House Clearance Tower Hamlets

The UK House Clearance Association is dedicated to protecting the customers interests and the house clearance industries reputation from the adverse impact of rogue house clearance companies.

We ensure our current house clearance members are:

  • 1. Fully covered with liability insurance, so in the event that anything does go wrong, you are fully covered.
  • 2. Fully licensed with the environment agency, to transport the items from the house clearance. Did you know that if fly-tipped waste is traced back to any particular household, that household is liable to a fine of up to £5000?
  • 3. Genuine registered UK companies fully registered with the UK tax office.
  • 4. Fully accountable for whatever reason. We will act as a mediator between yourself and the company in question to resolve any issues or concerns that you may have.


Reputable House Clearance Company In Tower Hamlets

Abacus House Clearance

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Freephone: 0800 03 52 653

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Local Services

Estate Agents in Tower Hamlets

Adams Property Consultants
614 Roman Road, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2RW
Tel: 020 8983 4562

Lourdes Estate Agents
96 Three Colt Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 8AP
Tel: 020 7538 9250

Campbell Residential Estate Agents
Quay House, 2, Admirals Way, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 9XG
Tel: 020 7195 1734

Stephen James Estate Agents
610b, Roman Road, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2RW
Tel: 020 8821 2888

Elms Estate Agents Ltd
454 Bethnal Green Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E2 0EA
Tel: 020 7729 5665

Solicitors in Tower Hamlets

Wiseman Lee Solicitors
2 High Street South, Tower Hamlets, London, E6 6EU
Tel: 020 3376 4066

Miller Evans & Co
1st Floor, 19, Pepper Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 9RP
Tel: 020 7101 0017

Capital Solicitors LLP
76 St. Leonards Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 3LR
Tel: 020 7377 0847

Waterfields Solicitors
445 Roman Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 5LX
Tel: 020 8981 4460

J Cooper Solicitors
69 Burdett Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 4TN
Tel: 020 8983 9789

Funeral Directors in Tower Hamlets

C Selby & Son Funeral Directors
116b Bow Road, Tower Hamlets, LONDON, E3 3AA
Tel: 020 8980 3034

116b, Bow Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 3AA
Tel: 020 8980 3034

The Co-operative Funeralcare
441 Roman Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 5LX
Tel: 020 8980 1152

Storage Companies in Tower Hamlets

Attic Self Storage
1 Maverton Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2JE
Tel: 020 8090 6980

Big Yellow Self Storage Bow
400 Wick Lane, Tower Hamlets, LONDON, E3 2JG
Tel: 020 3535 8921

Bed & Breakfast in Tower Hamlets

City Lodge Ltd
167 Bow Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2SG
Tel: 020 8981 2055

Old Friend B&B
129a, Roman Rd, Tower Hamlets, London, E2 0QN
Tel: 020 3022 5443

Nursing Homes in Tower Hamlets

Aspen Court Care Home
17-21, Dod St, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 7EG
Tel: 020 7538 9789

Gardeners in Tower Hamlets

Green Dreams Landscapers
St. Leonards St, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 3BT
Tel: 020 8709 9735

Osada Design Interior & Landscape Architecture
Flat 2, 9-10, College Terrace, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 5EP
Tel: 020 8981 2376

Growing Concerns Garden Centre
2 Wick Lane, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2NA
Tel: 020 8985 3222

49 Galveston House, Harford St, Tower Hamlets, London, E1 4RH
Tel: 020 7791 1520

Builders in Tower Hamlets

Pegstone Ltd
221 Bow Road, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2SJ
Mob: 07939 404 829

Flat 56, Mallard Point, 6, Rainhill Way, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 3JF
Tel: 020 8981 4372

Glenward Builders Ltd
20 The Railway Arches, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 4HB
Tel: 07811 329979