Association Of UK House Clearance Companies

How much does it cost to clear a house?

Do you know where your waste is going? Beware of house clearance companies that under charge!

We are often asked why there is such a vast pricing difference between house clearance companies, the answer is simple, a house clearance companies biggest costings are recycling of waste legally and staff wages, therefore if a company is quoting you a low price then beware, as they may be disposing of your waste illegally.

The UK House Clearance Association have put together a simple approximate costing guide for you the customer to understand the costs involved for a reputable clearance company to clear an average sized house. The guide below is compiled with costing information supplied from members listed on this site.

Prices will inevitably vary from company to company who are listed on the UK House Clearance Association, however, any company quoting a ridiculously low price should be avoided at all costs and if they are members of The UK House Clearance Association this should be reported to us immediately by email:

Most companies will send 3 staff to your property for health and safety reasons and insurances, even based on minimum wage and an average of 8 hour day and company PAYE £216.00
Companies cannot use Council waste sites and must pay at Licensed Commercial Waste Stations to dispose of your waste legally and comply with government legislations. To dispose of your waste legally a company must be registered with the Environment Agency and hold a Waste Carriers License
The cost to recycle general household waste can vary significantly, companies are charged by weight and normally charged for a minimum of one tonne,  this can be as much as £200.00 per tonne depending upon the area and the recycling station, most companies use Luton vans for accessibility and normally carry up to 1.5 tonnes. This cost excludes a lot of items which you would find in your home and clearance companies will have to pay extra to recycle items. £180.00 van load
Mattress (£20.00 each, price based on average of 3) £60.00
Fridge or Freezer (minimum of £40.00 each, price based on an average of 2) £80.00
Televisions, varies depending upon size from £15.00 up to £45.00 (price based on an average of 2 TV’s of average size) £40.00
WEEE Items, all electrical goods from a kettle, toaster, iron, radio etc. has a minimum recycling charge of £5.00 per item, this can vary depending upon the size of goods (price based on an average of 10 items in household) £50.00
There are many more items which are charged individually such as paint cans, chemicals, rubber tyres, gas cylinders, asbestos etc. A lot of clearance companies may refuse to take such items due to cost to dispose of the goods.
Most companies will renew their vehicles every 2-3 years to ensure they have reliable vehicles on the road, a Luton van costs on average £26,000.00, maintenance, repairs, road tax, insurances all cost. However you can hire a Luton van for an average cost of £60.00 a day with a £200.00 refundable deposit. £60.00
Diesel to and from the property and then to and from waste stations £20.00
A reputable clearance company will hold a valid Waste carriers license and staff members will each carry a card showing their registration details with the Environment Agency. They will also have Public and Employers liability insurances to cover your property for accidental damage and staff injury, this will vary depending upon the company cover, we would estimate a minimum cost of £1,000.00 per year. (price based on average year at 260 days excluding weekends) £3.85
Telephone lines, maintaining websites, marketing, advertising. £25.00
Office rental, administration staff, accountancy fees £25.00

This gives a grand total of £759.85 as an average cost to clear a property!

Remember, some companies may charge slightly less depending upon the quantity of waste in your property, but beware if the cost is significantly less. If fly tipped waste from a rogue clearance company can be tracked back to you, you can be fined up to £5000.00