Association Of UK House Clearance Companies

Press Release

Cleaning up the house clearance image; New database to revolutionise house clearance industry

The launch of a UK database is set to turn negative attitudes toward house clearance companies around

London, United Kingdom – September 24th 2009: A ground breaking online database launched earlier this year is expected to improve the face of house clearance significantly. Instead of advertising any house clearance company that approaches them, the UK House Clearance Association had laid down strict codes of conduct to register only genuine, accountable companies.

For decades house clearance in the UK has been nothing short of abysmal, with few ways to distinguish between cowboy rogue traders and genuine firms. However, the launch of the UK House Clearance Association database provides the UK’s first reliable way of finding house clearance companies that can be trusted. The organization also acts as a mediator between customer and company to resolve any issues that arise. Stringent measures have been put in place by the organization to ensure ‘rip off merchants’ don’t slip through the net. For instance, house clearance firms can only join the database if they have been trading for one year and are registered with the UK tax office. House clearance firms must also have liability insurance in place, and a waste carrier’s licence issued by the environmental agency.

“The UK House Clearance Association is dedicated to promoting excellence in the house clearance industry for the benefit of its members and customers” says UK House Clearance Association CEO Peter Thornton. “We provide information and advice to the house clearer and their customers, as well as a complaints and disputes resolution service.”

Following a harrowing legal battle with a rogue house clearance company earlier this year, Peter Thornton founded the UK House Clearance Association with the help of his team of employees. Today, the organisation aim to bring the house clearance industry into the 21st century, with an image of reliability and professionalism.

The face of UK house clearance is set to change this year as recently founded organization UK House Clearance Association launches their innovative online database. By cataloguing every reputable and trustworthy house clearance company in the UK, genuine companies not only have the chance to break away from negative attitudes, but consumers also have confidence in hiring house clearance firms.